US Patent Granted for CaverStem® Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction Using Stem Cell Therapy

February 12, 2013 – US Patent Granted for CaverStem® Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction Using Stem Cell Therapy

Creative Medical Health, Inc. announced the issuance of United States patent # 20,090,311,223 covering methods, cells and compositions of matter provided for treatment of erectile dysfunction using stem cell therapy.

While previous studies have demonstrated that stem cells can enhance blood vessel function, this patent was the first to demonstrate that administration of stem cells can lead to enhanced erections.  Aspects of this patent have already been clinically validated.  In one specific example, an FDA approved bone marrow extraction devices was used to concentrate bone marrow and to inject stem cells into the penile bodies (venus cavernosa). At three month follow-up the patient reported having intercourse until orgasm several times and a marked increase in morning erections. Importantly, no adverse effects or ectopic tissue formation was observed at the 3, 12 and 18 month follow-up. At last visit, 18 months after procedure, the patient still reported improved sexual function as compared to prior to treatment. Additionally, this procedure has been demonstrated safe and feasible in small patient studies.

According to, erectile dysfunction affects approximately 30 million men in the United States.   Accordingly to, one in 10 men in the world have erectile dysfunction and “[m]illions of men have occasional or persistent symptoms achieving and/or maintaining an erection.”   Consequently, Creative Medical Health, Inc. anticipates a significant market opportunity for the erectile dysfunction products and treatment it has developed.

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CREATIVE MEDICAL HEALTH, INC., in collaboration with leading U.S. universities, physicians and scientists, has developed and tested our patented treatment of various medical conditions with stem cell technology. Our area of concentration is the scientific and evidence-based approach to the approximately $30 billion per year complementary and alternative medicine market in the United States and $250 billion worldwide market. For more information about Creative Medical Technologies go to

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